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Reversible Drum Pump and Its Huge Industrial Application Areas

Date:2011-03-27 15:51

The reversible drum pump is a very useful tool, which is used in important industry sectors to suck up liquid spills, wastewater, tramp oil, coolant, sludge, chips, hydraulic oil, and other liquids. Most of these drum pumps are operated by compressed air. They are maintenance free systems, as they do not have any moving parts.

Though different air operated drum pumps have different operating systems, usually it functions by easily attaching itself to any closed head drum, which is 30/50 US Gallon, 205 Liter, or 45 Imperial gallon drum. You can turn the knob on the pump counter clockwise and the high-powered vacuum can fill the drum in less than 2 minutes! Again, to empty the drum in an equally quick time, you just have to turn the knob clockwise. Hence, the contaminated liquid is transferred to filtration tank(s) in the exact same two-way action. Further, if flow rate is a concern, it can be controlled by a regulator, shutoff valve, or by the knob itself.

The reversible drum pump is specifically for those who are tired of purchasing electrically powered sacs that wear out in a short time. It is almost maintenance free, as it has no motor to wear out or freeze up, no impellers to clog, and no moving parts to wear out. Almost all good quality varieties come with a built in automatic safety feature prevents spills or overfilling for ensuring safety. Other advantages of using air operated drum pumps is that they are easy to install and very compact and portable. In addition, they use compressed air as fuel, which is cheaper and safer compared to others like electricity. The Automatic safety shutoff ensures spill free operation. However, for maximal safety, make sure that you use it on a drum with a nominal wall thickness of at least 1.5mm (16 gauge) that is in good condition.

Various accessories are available in the market today to ease the operation of these pumps. Whether you need to transfer fluids in Coolant sumps, or lathes, Pits, Food processing, etc. use the reversible drum pump and get maximal benefit.

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